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Frequently Asked Questions

May I purchase directly from Badger?

  1. Anyone can browse and purchase directly from our retail collection of products.
  2. Retail customers may browse and purchase products.
  3. Retail orders must be paid for by credit card.
  4. The products offered to our retail customers, represent some our most popular styles and colors.
  5. Market specific products are only offered though our dealers and wholesalers.
  6. Dealers and wholesalers must log in to see their market specific products.

Do I qualify to purchase directly from Badger as a dealer?

  1. In order to qualify as a dealer, your company must have a tax identification number geared specifically towards retail sales.
  2. If you are sole proprietor you need to provide your state ID as well as your social security number.
  3. You should have a retail storefront and/or a designated area within your business location set-up to decorate our garments.
  4. You must be selling our garments for a profit.
  5. We have local sale representatives that are available in every US state. All information will be validated.

How do I get an account set-up with Badger?

  1. You can fill-out our application online or you may call directly into our customer service department and request that an application be sent directly to you via fax or email.
  2. Your account must be approved by management.

How do I return merchandise?

  1. Please see our Return Policy

How do I get set-up for terms?

  1. Your company will have to fill out an application with our accounting department if you already have an account set-up; however, if you do not have an account already set-up then fill out the credit references on the account application and check the appropriate box that identifies that you wish to apply for terms.
  2. All application are then sent directly to our factors for review; terms will be set-up based on their decision.

Will my order to ship today?

  1. All orders places by 4:00 EST will ship the same day; however, orders placed after 4:00 EST will ship on the next business day.
  2. All orders pending factor approval will ship once the orders are approved.

What is a purchase order? (PO)

  1. A purchase order is a reference number that you assign to the order. It is a sequence of numbers and/or letters used within any type of business settings that helps you keep track of what you have ordered. If you do not use po’s then it is recommended that you at least use the date to remember when you placed the order. We require a Po Number on all web orders.

Does Badger Sportswear have a sample policy?

  1. Yes, we offer 1 piece per size and color at a 40% discount. This would exclude any garment that is on closeout or sale. We ask that you do not use samples to fill orders or sell them as regular items that you have ordered. We have this sample policy in place so you may have the opportunity to review our garments and so you may allow your customers to review the garments time and time again.

Does Badger charge a handling fee?

  1. Orders under $50.00 will incur a $5.00 fee for processing.
  2. Sample orders will not be charged a fee.
  3. If you return your samples, you must still request an rma and you will be charged the 15% restocking fee.

When is my credit card processed?

  1. When you check out, the funds will be reserved on your credit card. The day after your order ships, the funds will be transferred from your account to Badger. If you have back orders, you will not be charged for those items until they ship.

Does Badger offer screen print?

  1. Yes!
  2. Please, fax or email these orders to decorator@badgersportswear.com …we require a hard copy.

Does Badger offer free freight?

  1. Badger does not have any programs that allow for free freight.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

  1. If you placed the order online you will receive an order acknowledgement email shortly after checking out. As soon as the order is imported into our main system you will receive another email confirmation as well.
  2. If you send in a fax and/or email the order to orders@badgersportswear.com you will receive an email confirmation as soon as the order is processed.
  3. If you call in an order you will receive an email confirmation about three minutes after the call is finished.
  4. If you do not receive a confirmation, please call into our customer service department so they can resolve the issue. It will probably be as simply as your company doesn’t have an email on file.

Web Orders

  1. Changes to Web orders cannot be made.
  2. We cannot add or combine web orders to ship together.
  3. Web orders can be cancelled only and only if it has not cleared credit.


  1. While Badger allows you to place backorders on the website, we can not guarantee when these products will be available to ship.
  2. While our website will not prevent you from entering a backorder on closeout items, these items will be cancelled off of your order. Closeout items inventory is displayed in a red font.

How do I save high resolution product images?

  1. Click on product image to enlarge it.
  2. Right click, and select "Save As..."

The Badger Lifetime Performance Guarantee ™

If you aren't completely satisfied with the quality and performance of your Badger Sportswear item, return it and we'll replace it. Simple as that.

What is the Badger Lifetime Performance Guarantee™?"

The Badger Lifetime Performance Guarantee™ is our unconditional commitment to standing behind the quality and performance of our apparel. There are no strings. If you aren't completely satified with the quality or performance of your Badger Sportswear item, return it to us for replacement.

What is covered by the Badger Lifetime Performance Guarantee™?"

It's simple. If you aren't completely satified with the quality or performance of your Badger Sportswear item that existed at the time you bought it, or resulting from normal use, it's covered. However common sense does apply. If the product is lost or stolen, chewed up by the dog, or if our clothing has stayed the same size (but you haven't), that would not be covered. Our Guarantee fully covers the quality and performance of the garment itself. It does not apply to any modifictions made to the garment (for example, screen printing, decorations, embroidery and the like), by anyone other than Badger, as this is out of our control.

How do I get a replacement product under The Badger Lifetime Performance Guarantee™?"

Simply call Badger at (888)-871-0990 to get an RMA. We will replace it with the same product , or a comparable one if that product is no longer in stock. You only cover shipping to us; we will pay to ship the replacement back to you.